I Am Supersoda Acai Berry 12×0,25L


I am Supersoda Acai Berry is an exotic fizzy drink. The taste of the red-purple berry can be described as fruity with a hint of dark chocolate.

Experience the benefits of Brazil’s most popular Superfoods. It’s best served cold, over ice, or if you’re feeling really adventurous, try mixing it into your cocktail. Make an acai-tini with a good splash of vodka and a freshly squeezed lemon.

I Am Supersoda Acai Berry is a light sparkling drink and is also:

100% organic
No added sugars or sweeteners
Low in calories (19 calories per 100ml)
This product contains 12 cans of 250 milliliters, packed in a tray.

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From 1 April 2023, a deposit will be charged on all cans in the Netherlands. So also on the cans of I am Supersoda. We do not have collection points ourselves where you can return it, but it can simply be returned to your local supermarket in the area. For example, hand in the bottles at the collection points of Jumbo, Albert Heijn or Hoogvliet and you will receive the deposit back at the cash register, just as if you bought it there.

Please note: when you pay for your order on iamsupershop.com, the deposit may be displayed in English as “deposit” (in Dutch: “statiegeld”).

Additional information

Weight 3.2925 kg
Dimensions 16 × 22 × 14 cm

Dairy free, Gluten free, Vegan

Storage advice

Store in a dry and cool place.

Expiration date

Ten minste houdbaar tot einde: zie datum onderzijde. 24 maanden vanaf de productiedatum.

Serving method

Serve cool


Acai Berry


Aluminium can

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