I am Superspicy – Surinamese/Javanese try out package

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The Surinamese/Javanese package is a feast of flavors and spiciness. In this package you will find three delicious sambals, each with their own unique flavors and levels of spiciness.

I am Super Spicy Ketjap Sambal is a sauce with a unique combination of soybeans and peppers. The sauce is less hot than other sambals, but still has a pleasant spiciness. The addition of molasses gives the sauce a sweet taste that is wonderfully sticky as a marinade. Try this sauce with rice tables, on prawn crackers, or to flavor fried rice or soup.

I am Superspicy Indonesian Style Sambal is a sauce with traditional Indonesian flavours. The sauce is made with a mixture of herbs and spices such as galangal, ginger, peppercorns and bay leaves, and is freshened up with a little tomato. Try the sauce with rice tables, fried rice, goreng noodles or any other hot dish. Or try it as a dipping sauce with spring rolls, pasties or samosas. For even more flavour, mix soy sauce with the Indonesian Style Sambal and let the protein marinate overnight if desired.

I am Superspicy Madame Jeanette 300g is a very spicy sauce made with the best quality madame jeanette peppers. The sauce is too hot for some, so use it sparingly if you want to add it to your dishes for extra spiciness. The sauce is suitable for any cuisine, from Turkish to Surinamese, but be careful not to use too much and be careful not to spill it on your hands. If you like the heat, this sauce is the perfect choice.

With the Surinamese/Javanese package you have everything you need to give your dishes an extra flavor boost. Try all three and find out which one you like best!

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