I am Superspicy – Barbecue/BBQ/Gourmet try out package

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Our barbecue package contains everything you need to turn your barbecue into a tasty and spicy party. With our I Am Superspicy sauces you can spice up any dish, whether you choose the ultra-creamy Spicy Mayo, the Spicy Ketchup or the slightly sour Pica Chili. Each sauce is packaged in a handy bottle and ready to use at any barbecue, fondue, gourmet or stone grill. Mix and match to your heart’s content and turn every dish into a party with our I Am Superspicy sauces. And if you’re a real daredevil, try mixing our Spicy Mayo with our Spicy Ketchup for an extra spicy taste experience. With our barbecue package you are assured of a tasty and spicy barbecue!

Our barbecue package contains the following sauces:

I Am Superspicy Spicy Mayo: This ultra-creamy mayonnaise is damn good on top of any dish. Imagine the tastiest and juiciest burger ever, drowning in creamy I am Superspicy Mayo sauce. It suits all types of barbecue, fondue, gourmet and stone grill, whether vegetarian or herbivore. It is also delicious as a dipping sauce with various snacks, sandwiches, hot dogs or simply with fries. We assure you that even if your partner can’t cook, you will like it. Like we said, it goes with everything.

I Am Superspicy Spicy Ketchup: Time to spice up your catch, whatever that means to you… Because what doesn’t go well with ketchup? All kinds of (fake) meat or fish like to become friends with our spicy ketchup. Oh, and if you’re really a daredevil, try mixing it up with I am Superspicy Mayo.

I Am Superspicy Pica Chili: So you think spicy can only be hot? No time to chill with this slightly sour sauce, because this is a game changer. Numerous European, Caribbean and Surinamese dishes with egg, meat, chicken and vegetables complement this sauce.

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